Xml Formatter

Introducing our powerful XML Formatter tool, designed to format and beautify XML code effortlessly. Explore key features that make this tool essential for developers, XML designers, and anyone working with XML data.

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Effortless Formatting: Format XML code effortlessly with our user-friendly tool. No complex setup or manual formatting required. Get neatly organized XML code with a few simple clicks.

Syntax Highlighting: Highlight XML syntax for improved readability and understanding. Easily distinguish elements, attributes, and content within the XML code.

Indentation and Whitespace Control: Customize indentation levels and whitespace options to align with your coding style. Achieve consistent and clean formatting for enhanced code readability.

Collapse/Expand Elements: Collapse or expand XML elements to simplify navigation and focus on specific parts of the code. Easily collapse large XML structures for better code management.

Error Detection: Identify syntax errors and inconsistencies within your XML code. Our tool highlights errors, missing tags, and other issues for quick debugging.

Line Numbering: Display line numbers in the formatted XML code for easier reference and error tracking. Navigate through your XML document with precision.

Secure and Private: We prioritize the privacy and security of your XML code. Our XML Formatter tool ensures that your code remains protected and is not stored or shared beyond the scope of formatting.

Unlock the power of XML formatting with our XML Formatter tool. Format XML code effortlessly, enhance readability, detect errors, and improve code management. Experience effortless formatting, syntax highlighting, indentation control, collapse/expand functionality, error detection, line numbering, and enhanced privacy. Try our XML Formatter tool now and streamline your XML coding process.